Cool Ideas on how you can Decorate Your Music Room

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A stale and uninspiring music room is the biggest killer of motivation, so why not decorate your music room a bit?

To that end. Today we will be taking a look at some decoration ideas that you can implement in your very own music room. From simple tips, to tremendously helpful quality-of-life improvements. Let’s get on with the show.

“Must Haves” for Your Music Room

The next items are must-haves if you’re planning on kitting out your music room or studio. Simply put, you can’t go on without them. That’s how good they are. For example.


Soundproofing is one of the most important things that you have to do with your music room. This is doubly so if you live in a populated urban environment, or in a household that respects its peace and quiet.

Some musicians can get away without soundproofing their music rooms. For example, you really don’t need to soundproof your room if you play the mouth harmonica. That would be silly. You do however need to soundproof your room if you have an acoustic drum kit, because, if you don’t – the whole neighborhood will hear you practice. And I’m pretty sure the granny down the street won’t be so nice after hearing the same fill played a hundred times.

There’s just one problem though. Soundproof padding can get quite expensive, especially if you plan on covering the entire room. So, you may ask yourself. What do I do in that situation then? Well, don’t worry. Here’s a crafty alternative.

The Cheap way to Soundproof Your Room

Egg cartons. Yup, you read that right. Egg cartons are the way to go.

Egg Cartons Soundproofing

You can collect these over time or go down to a farmer’s market and ask for some there. I’m sure the salespeople would gladly help you out, for a much more affordable price as well.

Even here, there’s an affordable, and an expensive technique for soundproofing your room. The affordable technique is to take one layer of egg cartons and attach them crisscross to the surface you want to soundproof. That’s an easy, cheap, and fast way to soundproof your room. With only minimal acoustic drain into the outside. But if you want maximum soundproofing, then you’re going to need two layers of egg cartons and some tennis balls. To do this, put down one egg carton, then glue a tennis ball in the middle, and then glue on another layer of egg carton. The idea behind this is that, if sound manages to get past the first layer, the second layer will absorb it for sure. I have friends who swear by this design. Some even go so far as to claim that it’s better than soundproofing pads… Albeit less aesthetic.

A Minifridge

This is another must-have for your room. Nothing feels better than cracking open a nice cold beer after nailing down that solo you’ve been attempting for the last few sessions.

Minifridge Music Room

A minifridge becomes an even better idea if you use your room to practice with your band, your bandmates will love you all the more for it. Because in the end, you have to remember the band hierarchy. The drummer is the most important, then the vocalist, then the guitarist, then the minifridge, and finally, you have the bassist.  You’d much sooner throw out the bassist than the minifridge after you’ve experienced the quality of life improvement.

Other Music Room Decor Ideas

We looked at the must-haves, now let’s look at some less essential things that serve to brighten up the room. After all, a bland music room is an uninspiring music room.

Record Collection

Everybody likes the sight of a good record collection. So why not hang up your vinyl on the wall?

Music Room Vinyl

Not only can you show off your record collection in this way, but you also get to experience the works of art that are some album covers. Take for example Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” album cover, or Pink Floyd’s “Animals” album cover. In all regards, they are a work of art. Eligible even for a spot in a museum gallery in my opinion. So, why not have those on your walls, instead of regular old art?

LED Lighting

While I do believe that natural lighting is the best for any room, LED lighting can give off a cool atmosphere. Depending on what kind of music you’re recording or playing, it can help put you in the mood.

LED Lighting Music Room

Maybe you’re recording some blues? Then thematically, darker lighting will help set the mood. Maybe you’re finally recording that death metal EP that you’ve been planning with your bandmates for so long.  Nothing will set the mood quite like some blood-red lighting.

Lighting is also important if you’re a content creator. Proper lighting is probably the most important thing for video quality, as any experienced content creator will tell you.

Proper Storage and Displays for Your Gear

Imagine this. You’ve spent all that money on acquiring all that precious equipment … only to keep it in a dusty closet somewhere. Just the thought of that makes me cringe, and I’m sure it makes you cringe as well.

Music Studio Design

Say you got a sweet guitar deal for black Friday, and now you’re looking for a place to display it. Getting the proper guitar hanger for your studio will go a long way in that. You want all your instruments to be neatly stored and displayed, both for ease of access and for maintenance.

Another reason you’d probably want to have your gear at hand’s length is that sometimes when you’re recording you might need to use a different tune for a different part of the song. Instead of having to retune your current guitar, you can just pick up another guitar and continue with your playing without getting distracted.

Of course, a room sadly has limited space. You can’t fit everything in one room. So, for storage, a good gig bag is essential. We have you covered there too, so don’t worry.

Some Examples for Inspiration

Now let’s list some examples.

A Futuristic Look

Futuristic Music Room

Out with the old – in with the new. Kitting out your room to have a futuristic look will give you that cool and crazy sci-fi aesthetic that has always captivated us.

Old Time Look

Vintage Music Room

Sometimes, a vintage aesthetic carries more charm with it than any modern look can. There’s something so calming about a well-decorated room with natural lights that simply allows you to be alone with your instruments and practice in peace.

A Minimalist Look

Minimalist Music Room

You don’t really need a lot to kit out your musical abode. A minimalist approach would work just fine. All you need is your instruments and a wall socket for electricity (that is considering if you play any electric instruments). If it satisfies you – go for it!


Regardless of what your aesthetic taste is. Be it more rustic or be it more futuristic. Having the proper decorations and equipment for your music room is paramount to rounding up that aesthetic.

But as with all things related to music. You don’t really need these things to make music. You can comfortably make music on tin cans and with sticks if you so desire. But having these quality-of-life improvements really goes a long way.

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