The Best Guitar Wall Hangers for Your Studio

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Who doesn’t like decorating their room? And guitar wall hangers can serve to compliment the decorations of your room. They are great for hanging up your guitar, instead of having to keep it cramped in a case all the time. Still, there are benefits to keeping your guitar in a case. Like increasing the longevity of your guitar. We looked at some guitar cases in the past. Today, we will focus specifically on guitar wall mounts.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the best wall mounts available to you on the market.

The Best Guitar Mounts Compared

#1: String Swing CC01KOAK Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger

The String Swing CC01KOAK is the reigning king when it comes to guitar wall hangers. It’s a package that has everything that you need.

For starters, it’s affordable. The materials that go into its design are high quality and meticulously crafted to achieve its purpose. You also get a structural lifetime warranty with the package in case anything goes awry. Its deep cradle design serves to prevent the guitar from twisting and slipping while keeping it firmly in place, with pivots that help keep the guitar straight by balancing its weight. Of course, you also want to prevent any damage to your guitar neck. The CC01KOAK protects against that by providing high-density rubber insulation.

If all of this hasn’t already sold you, then you’ll be elated to find out that it comes with its own mounting hardware, and it’s easily installed with a simple household screwdriver. It has a tested weight limit of about 15 pounds. It might be able to hold more than that, but don’t push it.

The Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Great materials

The Cons:

  • The oak finish might collide with the aesthetic of your room

#2: Keebofly Guitar Wall Mount,2 Pack Guitar Wall Hanger

The Keebofly Guitar Wall Mount is an excellent multi-purpose addition to your room decor. Serving not only as guitar holders but as handy stands for some extra decoration or gear.

The guitar hooks are rounded and affixed with a small rounded wooden chip. This helps in preventing the guitar from slipping and twisting while sitting in place. Not only that, the guitar hooks are wrapped with fine linen, protecting your guitar neck from any potential damage.

The design also supports a heavier load than most other designs. This is thanks to its multiple screws that serve to hold the wall mount in place, regardless of what you put in it. Oh, and you can use it for multiple instruments. Guitars, bass, ukulele, mandolins, and even electric guitars.

As we mentioned previously. Not only does it serve as a guitar wall mount, but it can also serve as a shelf for some extra decoration. It also includes a notch at the front for holding your guitar picks. That way, you have quick access to your picks every time you pick up your guitar. You don’t need to put the pick between the strings every time you place the guitar back.

The design is made from rustic wood. Employing a torched vintage finish to give off that warm wooden aesthetic that compliments every home well. All of this is in an easily installable package. With an instruction manual and the required hardware.

The Pros:

  • Looks great
  • The extra space is really useful
  • Very sturdy design

The Cons:

  • A bit expensive compared to other wall mounts

#3: Gator Frameworks Acoustic/Electric Guitar Wall Hanger with Black Mounting Plate (GFW-GTR-HNGRBLK)

The Gator Frameworks Acoustic/Electric Guitar Wall hanger is a great and affordable package for those players who are looking for a more modern aesthetic with their wall hangers.

It can fit electric guitars, acoustics, as well as bass guitars. Its rubberized swivel yoke properly cradles the guitar neck and holds it in place, preventing any swivel and shaking. The sleek black standoff provides clearance and works with both straight and angled headstocks. Its aesthetic is a big plus as well, that deep black coat paired with the fact that the wall place hides the wall mounts behind it, giving that clean look.

One final thing to mention. The hook is safe for standard polyurethane finishes but isn’t recommended for vintage and lacquer finishes.

The Pros:

  • Stylish black finish
  • Good all-around wall mount

The Cons:

  • Not recommended for vintage and lacquer finishes.

#4: String Swing 5 Guitar Wall Rack Mount for Electric Acoustic and Bass Guitars – Walnut Print Aluminum Slatwall

The String Swing 5 Guitar Wall Rack Mount is a must-have if you have an extensive collection of guitars. Especially if you have some limited-edition guitars that you want to show off.
Here is what it can do.
For starters, it can hold up to 5 guitars, acoustics, electrics, bass guitars, ukuleles, and whatever you need. You often see it employed in music store displays. Its construct is made of industrial-grade aluminum slatwall with a rich heirloom quality black walnut wood grain print that enriches any room it’s installed in.
The entire package comes with its own mounting hardware included, all you need is a drill and a level to install it properly. And if done correctly, it can easily hold the weight of multiple instruments of varying weights and sizes.

The Pros:

  • Can hold 5 instruments
  • The aluminum construction is very sturdy and durable
  • Saves a lot of space

The Cons:

  • A bit expensive
  • Hard to justify if you don’t have multiple instruments already

#5: String Swing Horizontal Guitar Holder for Narrow Bodied Instruments – 3″ Slatwall

Sometimes, your favorite guitar deserves special treatment. So why not hang it up on the String Swing Horizontal Guitar Holder?

Here’s what it has to offer. It’s designed to hold guitars up to a depth of 2.5 inches and it works with any 3-inch standard slatwall system. It’s made out of a durable black powder-coated steel frame, guaranteeing that it will never fail you. It has protective padding that gently and securely supports the instrument in its place while protecting it from any damage that may occur from vibrations. All of this comes with a lifetime warranty just in case.

The Pros:

  • Sturdy design
  • Looks great on your wall

The Cons:

  • Doesn’t come with its own installation hardware
  • A bit expensive compared to other wall hangers

FAQs About Wall Mounts

Are Wall Mounts Dangerous Compared to Standing Mounts?

No. If installed properly a wall hangar is not at all dangerous and as a result, will not damage your instrument. In many instances, a wall mount is even safer than a standing mount as it’s easier to bump into a standing mount.

How Do I Install A Wall Hangar?

Simply read the instructions that come with the product. Most wall hangars come with their own screws already, so you’ll just need the appropriate screwdriver to screw it in.

What Kind of Wall Mount Should I Look For?

This entirely depends on your preference. You should also consider the aesthetic of your room. Will the wall mount compliment the room, or will it poke you in the eye every time you look at it? But in the end, you should primarily look for a wall hangar that fits the specifications and dimensions of your guitar. There’s nothing worse than ordering a guitar mount, and waiting for a couple of days for it to arrive… just to find out that your guitar doesn’t fit in it.

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