Top 10 Best Gig Bags for Acoustic Guitar: How to Protect Your Guitar

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Your instrument is just like a piece of art, so it’s important to protect it with the right gig bag or case.

Some are obviously better than others, some offer you extra features that others don’t. That’s why it’s important to take a broad look at what’s currently available on the market to decide which item is the right one for you. So to that end, today we will be looking at some of the best gig bags and gig cases that are available on the market – starting off with.

Top 10 Acoustic Gig Bags & Cases

#10. Thomann Western Guitar Case

The Thomann Western Guitar Case is an excellent all-rounder. Giving you ample space for your guitar and keeping it safe from the elements in the process. It’s suitable for most western guitars as well as Super Shallow + Contour/ Deep Bown Roundback guitars. It is however unsuitable for Deep Bowl, Jumbo, and 12-string guitars.

Thomann also offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. On top of that, they also offer you a 3-year warranty.

The aesthetic of the guitar is a deep black Tolex cover. With a similar dark hue for the lining inside of the guitar case itself.

#9. Thomann Acoustic-Steel Gigbag BK

In case you prefer a gig bag over a gig case, then the Thomann Acoustic-Steel Gigbag BK is for you. It’s a great alternative especially if you’re strapped for cash but still need an excellent way to transport your guitar from point A, to point B.

It will fit most guitars that fall into the 111L x 42W x 13D range. And the 20mm foam padding is sure to protect it from the elements as well as in the case that something falls on it. The underside also has extra protection as well. As with the previous product, Thomann offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

The Thomman Acoustic-Steele Gigbag BK comes in black, with teal zippers similar to the Thomann logo. There is also more space compared to a gig case. Where a gig case only offers you one compartment to carry the guitar, this gig bag offers you extra compartments to carry any other small equipment and parts you might need. Picks, a tuner, a capo, anything that will fit.

#8. Thomann Classic Guitar Case

The Thomann Classic Guitar Case is for those who prefer to play on a classic guitar – rather than a western guitar. Like the western guitar, it also offers you a compartment to keep your guitar in. Just as long as that guitar is within the 102L x 39W x 13D range.

It also comes in a black Tolex cover, with a similar dark cotton lining on the inside. An excellent choice to keep your guitar safe from outside factors like the heat and cold, as well as the moisture of the environment.

#7. Musician’s Gear Delux Dreadnought Case Black

The Musician’s Gear Delux Dreadnought Case is one of the best options if you have a bigger guitar. With high-quality materials and a charming aesthetic.

Its specifications are 44inL x 22inW x 6ind. It’s made out of a 5-ply cross-laminate wood and has a plush interior lining with textured vinyl corners. All of this is intended to help your guitar survive through the most rigorous conditions while on the road.

The Musician’s Gear Delux Dreadnought Case can come either in black or tweed, depending on the user’s preference.

#6. Road Runner Boulevard II Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

The Road Runner Boulevard II Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag is an exceptional high-end gig bag in almost all regards. As such, it’s hard to find a better alternative on the market.

It comes with a whopping 600 denier weather-resistant coverings with a black quilt design. On top of that, it has 20mm padding in critical areas and exterior rubber bottom guards. It also comes with stow-able and adjustable back straps and a built-in hangar hook. It also comes with two outside storage pockets and two zipper sleeves, guaranteeing that you will be able to carry everything that you may need, especially if you are carrying around an electric acoustic guitar.

As mentioned previously, the aesthetic of the guitar is a black quilt design with the logo and zippers serving as a contrast by being a noticeable red.

#5. Musician’s Gear MGMADN Model ABS Acoustic Guitar Case¬†

The Musician’s Gear MGMADN Model ABS Acoustic Guitar Case is one of the best high-end guitar cases that you can get on the market right now. With a sleek design that is sure to charm you at first glance.

It can store any guitar that falls into the 43.75inL x 22inW x 3.75inD range. And it may also fit some dreadnought guitars. It has an ABS molded construction as well as a plush padded interior with extra accessory compartments, as well as a reinforced bottom to keep it from damage. It also comes with an ergonomic matching handle.

The aesthetic of the guitar is a silver abs mold with black inner linings. Good to the eye, and good for the guitar’s protection and longevity.

#4. Silver Creek Vintage Dreadnought Archtop Case Black

The Silver Creek Vintage Dreadnought Archtop Case guitar case is the guitar case for those players who enjoy a more vintage-looking guitar case.

Its dimensions are 43-1/4″H x 11-3/4″W (upper bout), 15-3/4″W (lower bout) x 5″D; Body: 21″H. It’s an ultrastrong archtop with a 7-ply cross-grained wood construct.¬† Its inner lining is also reinforced with 16mm high-density padding. It also has an accessory compartment on the inside to carry your essentials.

Its exterior is made of black Tolex, while its interior is made of a unique crushed velvet emerald. For extra protection, it has six latches and one lock. This is a gig case that will serve you well and for a long time.

#3. Road Runner Boulevard Series Black Tweed Acoustic Dreadnought Wood Case

Another excellent high-end dreadnought guitar case. Offering the best the market has to offer.

It comes in at 44inL x 16inW x 5inD. It features a premium wooden case design with either a black/grey or tweed finish. Its rugged 5-ply construction gives it exceptional all-around protection from both the elements as well as damage from falls or other misfortunes. Also, seeing as it’s zero-void wood, it eliminates any weak areas. While its plush grey interior prevents any movement inside of the case that might cause damage to the guitar and its longevity. It also comes with black nickel latches, handle, hinges and feet.

It’s a stylish guitar case that offers exceptional protection, ergonomics, and a pleasing aesthetic to bout. Coming in at either a black/grey or tweed finish, depending on user preference.

#2. TKL Black Belt Deluxe Dreadnought 6/12 String Soft Case

If you have a 12-string guitar, then you’re in luck. This might be just the product you are looking for.

The TKL Black Belt Deluxe Dreadnought 6/12 String Soft Case is a rather large case, as such, it should have no problem with holding any acoustic guitar that you may put in it. It features a water repellant 600D black and grey exterior with a reflective accent and heavy-duty zippered exterior pockets offering you the ability to carry whatever you may need on the road. This guitar case also includes TLK’s thick CushionSoft 15mm foam-padded plush interior to keep your guitar safe from any sort of percussive damage.

This case is also great for carrying around as it also comes with adjustable dual shoulder straps and a handle.

#1. Alvarez JC1 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case

The Alvarez JC1 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case is a rather unique-looking guitar case, but let’s take a look at what it offers.

Its insides are 44inL x 17W x 5D. So it should fit any guitar within that range. It has a wooden shell with a rugged cover that offers great protection from anything that may harm your guitar. It also comes with plush inner linings to protect the guitar from movement while inside the case. It also comes with heavy-duty hinges and latches which are sure to endure any rigors while on the road.

Its aesthetic is a rugged white outer finish. And it can carry all of the Alvarez jumbo guitars in it.

Finishing Comments on Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

acoustic guitar case

That covers our pick for the top 10 acoustic guitar bags and cases. We hope that this article has helped you discover the gig bag or case that is right for you. Always do proper research and consult user reviews before making any purchase, as it would such if you get a guitar case and discover that it won’t fit your guitar.

Also, don’t forget to ask yourself. Would you prefer a gig bag or would you rather use a gig case? Both have their pros and cons. Usually, guitar cases have better protection, but as a trade-off, they are more expensive and have fewer compartments, as well as being harder to carry around and transport.

We’ve also written about the best mandolins and the best tenor ukuleles in the past as well. Consider checking those articles out as well, as you might find something that catches your eye.

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