Top 6 Best Girlie Guitars Reviewed

6 top guitars for girls

Let me start by saying, there’s no such thing as a guitar for girls. Any guitar is for anybody, and I want you to get the guitar that makes you the happiest.

With that said, there are guitars made with women in mind, including some from female-led companies and others marketed with added “feminine flair,” whether that be a hot pink finish or a frilly pickguard.

From the mini hot pink Dinky Minion electric to the classic slim-necked Hummingbird acoustic, these are guitars well-suited for girls and anyone else.

Acoustic Guitars for Girls

I’ve based the Kids, Teens, and Adults categories mostly on average body size and likelihood of musical dedication.

An adult may fare well with one of the kids guitars, as in that category you will find entry-level instruments well suited for any beginner.

If you’re a teen, any of these guitars might be good for you, depending on if you’re looking for a beginner guitar or something with a bit more quality.

Kids – Rogue Starter Acoustic w/ pink finish

The Rogue Starter Acoustic (read our full review here) with a pink finish is a great small-sized guitar for girls. It’s in the under-$100 range, so while it’s definitely not above entry-level, it’s a good learner guitar with a decent tone, stable tuning, and proper intonation.

Although the tonewood composition of the Rogue Starter is unknown, it sounds surprisingly good for its price. It’s not very loud, but the low end is decent enough to make the pink finish Rogue Starter Acoustic a great student instrument for girls. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at some of the best guitars for girls.

Teens – Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Electric

Daisy Rock is a woman-owned company specializing in guitars designed for girls. The Daisy Rock Pixie is a full-size acoustic electric guitar with a signature Daisy Rock “Slim and Narrow” neck design, well-suited for the smaller-on-average hands of young women.

Another guitar of mystery wood, I’ve only found one mention of Daisy Rock utilizing local sycamore, but other details on the tonewood composition of this acoustic are scarce or inaccurate.

Despite the mystery build, the Pixie sounds pretty good overall. It’s a bit of a boring, straightforward acoustic tone, but it’s pleasantly playable up and down the neck, plugged in or acoustic. It comes available in pink and silver glitter finishes, so teen girls looking for a pretty acoustic guitar for women by women could do worse than the Daisy Rock Pixie acoustic electric. However, if pink glitz isn’t your kind of instrument, there are much better guitars for teens in this price range.

Adults – Epiphone Hummingbird PRO

Since its original Gibson debut in 1960, the Hummingbird has been a favorite of many famous musicians, including female stars Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, and Janis Joplin.

Epiphone’s modern remake is a perfect midrange guitar for girls, women, or anyone searching for an affordable acoustic electric that plays like a professional instrument. Very close in design to the first Gibson Hummingbirds, the Epi PRO version features modern Shadow brand electronics combined with a mahogany body and solid spruce top for a versatile, well-rounded tone.

I’m recommending the Hummingbird as a good guitar for girls for features any player would appreciate. Although a cliche reason to suggest a guitar for female players, I have to say this acoustic is on the pretty side with its faded cherry burst finish and floral pickguard artwork.

Additionally, it has a SlimTaper “D” neck profile that, as a boy with fingers on the short side, is faster and funner to play riffs on than a standard dreadnought. The nut width is 1.68 inches, which along with the short 24.75 inch scale length, makes this guitar great for anyone with small hands.

Electric Guitars for Girls

Kids – Jackson JS Series Randy Rhoads Dinky Minion JS1X

Jackson’s Dinky Minion is an amazing beginner electric guitar, perfectly sized for kids or any player who wants to shred a tiny axe.

Its poplar body, maple neck, and amaranth fingerboard are built to ⅔ size specifications but pack the full punch of dual Jackson High Output humbuckers. It’s a mini monster Rhoads flying V that I love to play because the speedy Jackson makes me feel like a better guitarist than I actually am.

With a blazing neon pink finish, any girl who wants to shred will be well off with the super affordable, small-sized electric Dinky Minion.

Teens – Ibanez Artcore AS63 Semi Hollow

Don’t let the dainty coral pink finish and down-sized body of the Ibanez AS63 lead you to believe its tone is petite. The AS63 carries plenty of sonic heft despite being on the small side, and its reduced build size makes it one of the best guitars for teens seeking a lightweight semi hollow rocker with full-bodied sound. The Artcore neck profile combined with medium frets reduce player fatigue, so the AS63 is great for beginners who lack acquired finger strength.

Teenagehood can be an emotional time, and this Artcore semi hollow body guitar is perfect for when you need to play the blues. The Infinity-R pickups are mounted into a sustain block, adding to your soulful tone while decreasing the negative feedback commonly affecting semi hollow guitars.

I usually stick to more traditional guitar woods than the sapele, nyatoh, and laurel combo of the AS63, but Ibanez knows what they’re doing and I really dig the tone and playability of this guitar. I think the coral pink is beautiful, but if you’re a teen girl who doesn’t like those lighter shades of red, the AS63 is available in three other finish options: twilight orange, mint blue, and my personal favorite, seafoam green.

Adults – Ibanez JEMJRSP

The Ibanez JEMJRSP is my favorite guitar on this list, and not just because it’s a signature model from my favorite guitarist, Steve Vai. It’s a roaring electric, with two Infinity humbuckers sandwiching a single coil pickup and 24 frets on Ibanez’s fastest neck, the Wizard III. A Double Locking tremolo system keeps the JEM Jr. in tune even through the gnarliest of bends and squeals. The Vai-style monkey grip makes this a great axe for busy moms on the go.

With a meranti body weighing only 11 pounds, it’s light enough for even the most petite players. Ibanez is renowned for their fast-playing necks, so although the JEM has a full 25.5 inch scale length, you can still feel like a speed queen or rock goddess.

I’m sticking this guitar on the girly list because it has a beautiful vine fretboard inlay and is available in two finishes, yellow and bright pink. Regardless of the vibrant colors, it’s a grown-up guitar that carries well its Steve Vai endorsement.

Final verdict

Aside from the ultra affordable Rogue Starter, I would steer clear of guitars that don’t have listed specs. Daisy Rock is a good option if you want an extra glitzy girl-made guitar, but otherwise you can check more affordable acoustic guitars here. Compare the Pixie’s hasty build to the professional quality and price of the Epiphone Hummingbird PRO and you’ll see what I mean.

Each of these electric guitars for girls is a solid axe in its own right. From the sizzling small Jackson JS1X to the fast-playing shred-slaying Ibanez JEMJRSP, girls and women of all ages can pick these guitars with confidence.