Top 30 Greatest Guitar Players of Today!

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Welcome to Beginnerguitar Pro! Today we’re looking at the list of the best modern guitarists who are changing the sound of music today. These talented players bring fresh styles and innovative techniques to the stage, captivating audiences worldwide.

From soulful melodies to jaw-dropping solos, get ready to explore the inspiring stories and groundbreaking music of these modern guitar heroes.

Who is your favorite one?

1. John Mayer

From:Bridgeport, USA
Age:46 years old
Genre:Pop, Rock
Band:John Mayer Trio, Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:PRS, Fender
Interesting Fact:Known for his versatile playing and soulful vocals.

John Mayer’s ability to blend blues, rock, and pop elements, alongside his melodic guitar skills and distinct voice, has propelled him to modern guitar icon status.

2. Ichika Nito

Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:
Interesting Fact:Gained fame through viral YouTube videos.

Ichika Nito’s captivating YouTube videos showcasing his virtuosic guitar skills and creative compositions have garnered him a large following, solidifying his status as a rising star in the world of modern guitar.

3. Tosin Abasi

From:Washington, D.C., USA
Age:40 years old
Genre:Progressive Metal, Djent
Band:Animals as Leaders
Favorite guitar brand:Ibanez, Strandberg
Interesting Fact:Known for his extended-range guitar techniques and innovations.

Tosin Abasi’s mastery of the extended-range guitar and innovative fingerstyle techniques have redefined progressive metal, pushing boundaries and inspiring a new generation of guitarists.

4. Orianthi

From:Adelaide, Australia
Age:38 years old
Genre:Rock, Pop
Band:Solo artist, Michael Jackson’s guitarist
Favorite guitar brand:PRS
Interesting Fact:Notable for her collaborations with Michael Jackson.

Orianthi’s exceptional guitar skills have led her to collaborate with music legends, including Michael Jackson, showcasing her dynamic playing style and impactful presence in the rock and pop scenes.

5. Derek Trucks

From:Jacksonville, USA
Age:42 years old
Genre:Blues, Rock
Band:Tedeschi Trucks Band
Favorite guitar brand:Gibson, Fender
Interesting Fact:Known for his slide guitar expertise and improvisational skills.

Derek Trucks’ masterful slide guitar work, distinctive tone, and his ability to blend blues, rock, and world music influences make him a standout figure in contemporary guitar playing.

6. Paul Gilbert

From:Carbondale, Illinois, USA
Born:November 6, 1966
Age:56 years old
Genre:Rock, blues, heavy metal
Band:Racer X and Mr. Big
Favorite guitar brand:Ibanez
Interesting Fact:Paul Gilbert is renowned for his incredible speed and accuracy on the guitar, often referred to as one of the fastest guitarists in the world. He’s also known for his humorous and approachable personality, which he often incorporates into his music and live performances.

Paul Gilbert is a highly accomplished American guitarist and songwriter, born in Carbondale, Illinois. He gained prominence as a founding member of the band Racer X before achieving widespread recognition as the lead guitarist of Mr. Big, a rock band known for hits like “To Be with You.” Gilbert’s guitar playing is characterized by lightning-fast speed, technical precision, and a diverse range of musical influences, including rock, metal, blues, and even pop. He has released numerous solo albums, showcasing his ability to blend various styles and techniques.

Paul Gilbert’s contribution to the world of guitar playing extends beyond his impressive skills; he’s also an acclaimed instructor, releasing instructional videos and materials that have inspired aspiring guitarists around the globe. His creativity, skill, and engaging persona have cemented his status as a guitar legend in the music industry.

7. Guthrie Govan

From:Chelmsford, England
Age:50 years old
Genre:Rock, Fusion
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Suhr
Interesting Fact:Renowned for his exceptional technique and versatility.

Guthrie Govan’s remarkable versatility and mastery of various genres, from rock to fusion, have solidified his reputation as a guitar virtuoso with a distinctive style and technical prowess.

8. John Petrucci

From:Kings Park, USA
Age:56 years old
Genre:Progressive Metal
Band:Dream Theater, Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Music Man
Interesting Fact:Founding member of Dream Theater and known for his shredding skills.

John Petrucci’s phenomenal guitar skills, signature Music Man guitars, and his role as a founding member of Dream Theater have made him a driving force in the world of progressive metal and rock.

9. Mateus Asato

From:São Paulo, Brazil
Age:28 years old
Genre:Rock, Fusion
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Suhr
Interesting Fact:Gained popularity through Instagram.

Mateus Asato’s viral Instagram videos showcasing his incredible guitar skills have catapulted him to fame, while his melodic and intricate playing has captured the attention of guitar enthusiasts worldwide.

10. Jack White

From:Detroit, USA
Age:46 years old
Genre:Rock, Blues
Band:The White Stripes, The Raconteurs
Favorite guitar brand:Airline, Kay, Gretsch
Interesting Fact:Recognized for his raw energy and unique playing style.

Jack White’s raw, stripped-down approach to the guitar, his use of vintage gear, and his influence in modern rock have solidified his place as a groundbreaking and unconventional guitarist.

11. Nita Strauss

From:Los Angeles, USA
Age:37 years old
Genre:Rock, Metal
Band:Alice Cooper Band, Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Ibanez
Interesting Fact:Known for her virtuosic playing and versatility.

Nita Strauss’ exceptional skills as a guitarist have earned her a spot in Alice Cooper’s band and recognition for her energetic performances, making her a prominent figure in modern rock and metal.

12. Myles Kennedy

From:Boston, USA
Age:52 years old
Band:Alter Bridge, Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
Favorite guitar brand:Gibson, PRS
Interesting Fact:Known for his powerful vocals and guitar work.

Myles Kennedy’s dynamic vocals and guitar prowess have propelled him to the forefront of modern rock, whether with Alter Bridge or alongside Slash, showcasing his ability to seamlessly balance singing and playing.

13. Matt Bellamy

From:Cambridge, England
Age:43 years old
Favorite guitar brand:Manson
Interesting Fact:Recognized for innovative guitar effects and stage presence.

Matt Bellamy’s pioneering use of guitar effects and eclectic playing style have contributed to Muse’s distinctive sound, creating anthems that blend rock, electronic elements, and orchestration in captivating ways.

14. Marcus King

From:Greenville, USA
Age:27 years old
Genre:Blues, Rock
Band:Marcus King Band
Favorite guitar brand:Gibson
Interesting Fact:A guitar prodigy since childhood.

Marcus King’s extraordinary talents as a guitarist and vocalist have earned him recognition as a young blues-rock phenom, channeling vintage sounds with a contemporary twist, and carving his own path in the music world.

15. Yvette Young

From:California, USA
Age:32 years old
Genre:Rock, Math Rock
Favorite guitar brand:Strandberg, Ibanez
Interesting Fact:Known for her unique tapping techniques.

Yvette Young’s exceptional tapping techniques and innovative playing style have helped shape the sound of Covet, creating a captivating blend of math rock and dreamy textures that have captured many fans.

16. Sarah Longfield

From:Wisconsin, USA
Age:35 years old
Genre:Rock, Metal, Djent
Band:Solo artist, The Fine Constant
Favorite guitar brand:Strandberg
Interesting Fact:Known for her virtuosity and innovative compositions.

Sarah Longfield’s exceptional guitar skills, progressive compositions, and genre-spanning versatility have made her a notable figure in the world of modern metal and instrumental music.

17. Guthrie Trapp

From:Nashville, USA
Genre:Country, Blues, Rock
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Telecaster
Interesting Fact:In-demand Nashville session guitarist.

Guthrie Trapp’s versatile and tasteful guitar work has made him a sought-after session player in Nashville, contributing to various genres and collaborating with renowned musicians, while also showcasing his solo abilities.

18. Rabea Massaad

From:Brighton, England
Genre:Rock, Metal
Band:Dorje, Toska
Favorite guitar brand:Chapman Guitars
Interesting Fact:Renowned for gear demos and YouTube presence.

Rabea Massaad’s popular gear demos and engaging YouTube content have showcased his versatile guitar skills and helped him build a strong online following, while his band projects highlight his dynamic playing.

19. Josh Homme

From:Joshua Tree, USA
Age:48 years old
Genre:Rock, Alternative
Band:Queens of the Stone Age
Favorite guitar brand:Gibson
Interesting Fact:Founder of Queens of the Stone Age and unique playing style.

Josh Homme’s distinct guitar work, mixing rock, punk, and desert influences, has shaped Queens of the Stone Age’s sound and earned him a reputation as a prominent figure in modern alternative rock.

20. Tash Sultana

From:Melbourne, Australia
Age:28 years old
Genre:Rock, Reggae, Alternative
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Fender
Interesting Fact:Known for multi-instrumental talents.

Tash Sultana’s multi-instrumental talents, including exceptional guitar skills, looping techniques, and unique songwriting, have propelled them to global recognition as a genre-defying artist with a unique sound.

21. Tom Misch

From:London, England
Age:28 years old
Genre:Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Fender
Interesting Fact:Known for his genre-blending style and multi-instrumental skills.

Tom Misch’s genre-defying music incorporates elements of jazz, soul, and R&B, while his guitar playing showcases his ability to blend intricate melodies with his unique musical vision.

22. Cory Wong

From:Minneapolis, USA
Age:39 years old
Genre:Funk, Fusion
Band:Vulfpeck, Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:
Interesting Fact:Recognized for his funk-driven grooves and rhythmic playing.

Cory Wong’s infectious funk-infused guitar playing and groove-driven compositions have made him a prominent figure in the modern funk and fusion scenes, captivating audiences with his energetic live performances.

23. Tyler Bryant

From:Honey Grove, USA
Age:32 years old
Genre:Blues, Rock
Band:Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
Favorite guitar brand:Gibson
Interesting Fact:Notable blues-rock guitarist and singer.

Tyler Bryant’s dynamic guitar work and emotive vocals have been instrumental in shaping Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown’s blues-rock sound, with his vintage-inspired playing style drawing from classic rock influences.

24. Jacob Collier

From:London, England
Age:27 years old
Genre:Jazz, Experimental
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Various
Interesting Fact:Known for his innovative harmonizations and arrangements.

Jacob Collier’s inventive approach to music, innovative harmonizations, and impressive multi-instrumental talents have earned him global acclaim as a unique and boundary-pushing musical prodigy.

25. Melanie Faye

From:Nashville, USA
Genre:R&B, Soul
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Fender
Interesting Fact:Gained fame through Instagram and YouTube.

Melanie Faye’s viral social media videos showcasing her soulful guitar playing and covers have propelled her to recognition, while her original music blends R&B and soul influences with her expressive guitar work.

26. Joey Landreth

From:Winnipeg, Canada
Age:31 years old
Genre:Blues, Roots
Band:The Bros. Landreth
Favorite guitar brand:Fender
Interesting Fact:Known for slide guitar and soulful playing.

Joey Landreth’s soulful guitar work and slide guitar expertise, coupled with his emotive vocals, have garnered him recognition as a standout modern blues and roots musician with a penchant for storytelling.

27. Nick Johnston

From:Toronto, Canada
Age:33 years old
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Music Man
Interesting Fact:Gained popularity through YouTube.

Nick Johnston’s captivating guitar compositions and virtuosic playing style have gained him a strong following, with his melodic instrumental music and creative guitar techniques resonating with enthusiasts worldwide.

28. Andy Wood

From:Knoxville, USA
Genre:Rock, Fusion
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Suhr
Interesting Fact:Known for his exceptional fingerstyle and hybrid picking.

Andy Wood’s remarkable fingerstyle and hybrid picking technique, combined with his diverse playing influences, have established him as a sought-after session musician and a versatile guitar virtuoso.

29. Misha Mansoor

From:Bethesda, USA
Age:39 years old
Genre:Progressive Metal, Djent
Favorite guitar brand:Jackson
Interesting Fact:Founded Periphery and known for his extended-range playing.

Misha Mansoor’s innovative approach to extended-range guitar playing and his role in founding Periphery have played a significant role in shaping the djent and progressive metal subgenres.

30. Josh Smith

From:Florida, USA
Age:42 years old
Genre:Blues, Rock
Band:Solo artist
Favorite guitar brand:Fender
Interesting Fact:Known for his soulful blues guitar work.

Josh Smith’s soulful guitar playing and deep blues influences have positioned him as a revered contemporary blues guitarist, recognized for his dynamic playing and ability to channel authentic blues emotions.

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