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Listening to guitar podcasts is probably one of the best ways in which you can improve your knowledge as a guitarist. Hell, as a musician in general even. This comes from the fact that guitar and music-related podcasts are a great way to hear and connect with the experiences and stories of already established musicians, with years of experience behind them. As music podcasts often times host famous musicians and virtuosos alike in their episodes.

This is the beauty of these kinds of podcasts. You get to experience a side of your favorite musician that you’d never thought possible. I’d imagine any one of us would give an arm and a leg just to be able to have a beer with our favorite guitarist. Just imagine how cool it would have been to learn tapping from Eddie Van Halen, or maybe some tremolo techniques from Steve Vai himself?

Well. More often than naught. Guitar podcasts give you just that. A sit-down and a chat with your favorite musician. An opportunity to learn from their years of experience, and, the chance to hear some cool stories along the way. Because, after all. If you’ve toured for a couple of years of your life, then you’ve surely had some crazy experiences along the way. And crazy experiences make for great stories to share.

Without further ado, let’s look at some musical podcasts, shall we?

Guitar Podcasts

Guitar Speak Podcast

The Guitar Speak Podcast is great. Matt Wakeling has such a chill voice to listen to, and I often times find myself listening to this podcast while on the bus, or while going somewhere on foot.

Guitar Speak Podcast

The thing I like the most about this podcast is the interesting “blast from the past” content as I like to call it. It often times touches up and speaks about some great albums and musicians from previous decades that might have gone under your radar. That is to say, they don’t only talk about the past. Contemporary musicians also get their fair share of the spotlight. Case in point, one of my favorite guitarists, Guthrie Govan, was hosted on the podcast. It was a really humbling experience to hear him say “Guitar, I kind of know, to some extent.”. If the best guitarist alive says that about the guitar – then what can the rest of us say?

Guitar by Masters Podcast

This podcast mainly focuses on interviewing virtuosos and masters of their given instruments. Though they mainly focus on classical guitar and acoustics, rather than the electric guitar.

Guitar by Masters Podcast

All of that being said, this is an incredibly informative and educational podcast. Being that they host only the very best, the language that is used and the topics that are discussed are usually of a higher level. It’s a great place for advanced players to shore up their knowledge, and for beginners to be inspired. Because, after all. The very best of the best shouldn’t make us feel bad about ourselves. Quite the contrary. They should inspire us to keep working on our dreams, so that we may reach their level someday. That’s the mindset that everyone who wants to accomplish their dreams should have, especially musicians. It isn’t easy to learn an instrument – so it’s best to learn from the masters of it.

The Guitar Knobs Podcast

In my opinion, this is probably one of the more underrated guitar podcasts online. Their audio quality is superb, and the content is great.

Guitar Knobs Podcast

The Guitar Knobs podcast is pretty chill. It’s open to all levels of guitar players, from beginners – to more advanced players. It has that classic podcast arrangement of just some dudes coming together to talk about a certain topic. What I like the most about this podcast is how informative it is. The dynamic between each of the members is great. It’s interesting to see each member’s experience come to prominence throughout the episodes.

Speaking about episodes, they have hundreds of episodes out on a variety of topics. Understandable since they’ve been at it for years. What isn’t understandable though is how criminally underappreciated their podcast is.

The Music is Win Podcast

If you’ve been on YouTube long enough then you’ve surely heard of Music is Win. He’s one of the biggest guitar-related YouTubers there is. But did you know that he had a podcast once?

Music is Win Podcast

Oh yes. That’s right. Tyler Larson once had his own podcast. It’s a shame then that the podcast went on a hiatus after season 2, as Tyler focuses more on other content and projects. To this day though, you can find the podcast on multiple platforms, of which YouTube is probably the best one, as there you can also see the visual feed.

Content-wise, the podcast talk about anything and everything music related – even more unconventional topics. My favorite episode is the Misha Mansoor one. If you don’t know who Misha Mansoor is, he is Periphery’s guitarist. But that’s not the interesting part of this episode. The interesting part is the discussion about how to make it in the music industry as an entrepreneur. That is one of the aspects that isn’t often talked about among musicians. Usually, we like to talk about the process of creating music and whatnot, but the process of distributing that music to the widest amount of people is just as important of a discussion.

Closing Remarks

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed our pick of some of our favorite guitar podcasts there are. While on the topic of podcasts, you might also be interested in checking out our article on the best microphones. Especially if you want to start your own podcast. You have to have good audio, as that is what makes or breaks most podcasts. Nobody would want to listen to you if you sound like you’re recording on a potato.

All in all, a podcast is a pretty fun endeavor. It gives you the chance to voice your opinions and share your knowledge. Seeing as music is a skill that requires you to constantly learn and adapt. The podcast as a medium is a great way for you to do just that. Both as a host, and as a listener.

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