Some of the Best Acoustic Guitar on the Market Under $5000

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Have you ever gotten curious about what are the best acoustic guitars under $5000?” Well, look no further, we have you covered.

This price range is only for the finest of connoisseurs when it comes to acoustic guitars. And these guitars definitely do not disappoint. They are made from the finest of materials from around the world and by the hands of masters. If the old saying is true, that “each guitar has its own story”. Then these guitars have epics in them – not just plain old stories. These guitars are the final milestone of a guitarist’s musical journey. If you’ve been a musician for a couple of years, then you’ve probably played hundreds of guitars. Yet, we can almost guarantee that you’ve never played anything like these guitars.

With all that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best acoustic guitars under $5000 on the market right now!

The Best Acoustic Guitars Under 5000$

Starting off with…

#1: Gibson Dave Mustaine Songwriter/Signed

Dave Mustaine’s signature Gibson acoustic guitar is every metalhead’s dream acoustic guitar.  From the aesthetic to the performance, to just having the pleasure of holding something signed by Mustaine himself. This guitar has it all! But let’s take a look at its specifics, shall we?

The top of the guitar is made of solid Sitka spruce, with the sides and the bottom being made of Solid Walnut, giving it a deep boisterous sound. Its neck is made out of Mahogany with an Ebony fretboard. Speaking about the fretboard, it has 24 frets. The guitar also includes its own LR Baggs VTC pickup system. It also comes with its own case. Cases are very important, as we discussed in our gig bags for acoustics article.

The best part, it comes with this unique Vic Rattlehead finish on its headstock and pickguard. How cool is that!?

#2: Gibson SJ-200 Standard Wine Red

The Gibson SJ-200 Standard Wine Red is as pristine as it gets. It’s probably one of the best jumbo acoustic guitars on the market right now. But let’s take a look inside and see what’s so special about it.

Its top is made out of solid AAA-flamed Sitka spruce. While its back and side are made out of the same solid AAA-flamed Sitka spruce. The neck is made out of Maple wood, with a Rosewood fretboard. Speaking about frets, its style is MOP Graduated Crowns, with 20 frets in total. It has a 5-ply top binding with a 3-ply bottom binding. It also comes with an LR Baggs Anthem sound hole and a two-bar SJ-200 rosewood moustache bridge. Its stock configuration has Gold Grover Rotomatic machine heads. And, it comes with its own case.

The most striking thing about this guitar is the wine-red finish that it has, with the unique decal on the pickguard. This thing portrays its majesty in every way possible.

#3: Gibson J-45 Deluxe

Another Gibson on this list, but for good reason. Gibson is known for its top-of-the-line models, and the J-45 is one of them. Let’s take a look at its specs.

Its top is made out of solid Sitka spruce, while its back and sides are made out of Rosewood. It has a Mahogany neck with an Ebony fretboard that measures 20 frets. And it comes with an LR Baggs VTC pickup system. Its machine heads are Grover Rotomatic with kidney buttons. The finish is an enchanting Rosewood Burst. Thankfully, it also comes with its own case.

Many a country and rock legends swear by the J-45, and for good reasons. It’s an exceptional acoustic guitar – for an equally exceptional price.

#4: Taylor 914ce V-Class Bracing

The Taylor 914ce V-Class is a magnum opus that is the product of years of craftsmanship and mastery in the art of guitar making.

Its top is made out of solid Sitka spruce, with its back and sides being Indian Rosewood. Its neck is made of Mahogany with an Ebony fretboard, bridge, and headstock. The fretboard measures 20 frets. It comes with an Expressions System 2 pickup, and Gotoh Gold 510 machine heads. It comes in a natural high gloss finish. Thankfully, Taylor includes a Taylor Deluxe hardshell case as well.

If you register your guitar after purchase, you are eligible for an extended warranty of up to 12 years. This guitar truly is a masterpiece in every aspect of its being. More than worth the money.

#5: Cole Clark FLMGE-BLBL-AE Mastergrade

The Cole Clark FLMGE is likewise a masterwork design. And probably one of the best dreadnought guitars in the world.

Its top is made out of Blackwood, as well as its back and sides. Strangely, the neck is also made out of Blackwood, with a Sheoak fretboard that has Abalone inlays. This combination of woods makes it quite unique when it comes to guitar designs. Its pickup system is a signature Cole Clark PG3 3-way blend. The bridge is also made of Sheoak. It has gold-plated Grover tuners. And, it comes in a natural matte color with nitro lacquer. Cole Clark thankfully includes a tweed case in the package.

What more can be said about the FLMGE-BLBL-AE? It’s a masterclass in guitar building.

#6: Hanika Fusion PC w/Pickup

In the words of Rudol von Stroheim, “German engineering is the best in the world.” And that is definitely the case for the Hanika Fusion PC.

The Hanika Fusion PC comes with a Solid Cedar Composite top with Solid Rosewood sides and bottom. Its neck is made of Cedro wood with a Granadilla arched fretboard. It measures 20 frets. The pickup system is an Udo Rossner Bracket and it comes with Alessi-standard tuners. The color on the top is a natural satin, while the body is in high gloss. This package includes a Hiscox case.

If you ever have some extra cash to spend, investing it into a Hanika Fushion PC is definitely worth the investment. Not only will it serve you well in life, but it will also serve your family for many generations to come. Who knows, it might eventually end up in a museum, that’s how good it is.

#7: Amalio Burguet Mediterraneo Spruce w/ Case

From German engineering to Spanish craftsmanship. The Amalio Burguet Mediterraneo Spruce ladies and gentlemen!

Before we take a look at the aspects, it’s important to mention that only 2 of these guitars exist in the whole world. So if you get this one, know that you are truly in an exotic club.

The top of the Amalio Burguet Mediterraneo Spruce is made from Solid Spruce, as the name implies, with Solid Indian Rosewood sides and back. The neck is made out of Cedar wood with an Ebony fretboard and bridge. It also includes Schaller machine heads, and it comes with its own case. The Mediterraneo comes with a Nature Nitro finish.

#8: Gibson 1952 J-185 Vintage Sunburst

To round it all up, we have another Gibson on the list. This time, the 1952 J-185 Vintage Sunburst!

The 1952 J-185 comes with a heat-treated aged solid spruce top with solid flamed maple back and sides. And you can definitely feel the residue warmth from the head treatment in the sound. It has a Mahogany neck with a Rosewood fretboard that measures 20 frets. One more thing about the fretboard, it has Mother of Pearl Parallelogram inlays, which give it that unique symmetrical look. It has a bone bridge saddle and Gotoh Keystone gold machine heads. Its color is a Vintage sunburst with a nitrocellulose lacquer to keep it protected. It also includes its very own gig case.

When it comes to jumbo acoustic guitars, there’s probably no better option on the market right now.

Is it Really Necessary to Have an Expensive Guitar?

Whenever discussing expensive guitars, people usually ask this question. To that, I always answer. “Is it really necessary to have a sports car?” The obvious answer is, “no”, but who cares. The reason people own sports cars isn’t because they have to get someone faster, it’s because it’s a prestige symbol. And so are expensive instruments. Unlike sports cars though, expensive instruments will actually serve you much better for many years to come. Whilst a sports car, in the long run, will probably be more of a drain on your wallet, rather than a boon.

What’s more, these guitars are so expensive for a reason. Many of the guitars we took a look at today are limited editions, with only a few of these guitars existing in the whole world. And not only that. The materials required to make these guitars are sourced from only the best supplies from around the world. Nothing less than AAA wood will suffice. If you also take into consideration that a team of masters must gather to create them, then it becomes apparent why they cost so much.

Finally, the sound of these guitars is like nothing else in the world. There’s a reason the finest composers use these kinds of guitars in their compositions.

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